Farm Heroes Champions
Lauren mann bundles

Artwork for shop bundles of increasing value

Lauren mann screenshot 2019 06 24 at 14 53 53

Marketing artwork of 'Cropsie' characters

Lauren mann switcher

Various switcher assets

Lauren mann bombs

Bomb switcher assets

Lauren mann ui

UI Icons

Lauren mann amber character1

Concepts for a cat character

Lauren mann amber character

Final cat character design

Lauren mann construction brief

3D asset concept for outsourcing

Lauren mann orderboard

3D Low-poly shop model with hand-painted textures.

Lauren mann pump

3D Low-poly pumpkin with hand-painted textures.

Farm Heroes Champions

I worked on the development of the switcher game 'Farm Heroes Champions' as a 2D generalist. This project involved taking on multiple types of tasks including UI design, switcher asset creation, character and prop concepts and low-poly 3D models.

More artwork
Lauren mann map shroom